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Sleep, rest and exercise are essential for health. Walking is in fact the best form of exercise so a regular morning walk is very useful. It provides exercise to the body and freshness to the mind. A morning walk exercises many parts of the body- legs, arms, waist, and chest. Fresh air goes into the body and improves the working of the lungs. It improves and increases appetite and regulates digestion. As a result we feel active as well as fresh and fit. It gives new energy to the body for the day’s work.

Walking provides the greatest pleasure to a man, whether you go by yourself or in the company of others. Some people prefer to go alone because they can think calmly and quietly on many serious problems of the day. Mahatma Gandhi was one of them. He walked very fast every morning but he was accompanied by his disciples. They discussed many problems of the day as they walked.

Hikers and tramps are found everywhere in the world. Some go out on long walks for pleasure, some do it for health. Some go out for long walks because they feel bored at home and do not find anything worthwhile to do. In an effort to run away from them they first run away from home. In the new surrounding, they find a new interest. They see greener fields and new pastures. During walk they make new friends and sometimes this friendship blooms in business ventures.

The air in the morning is pollution free. A walk before the sunrise has the maximum benefit on our health. The nature is at its best, the dew drops on leaves and blades of grass look like pearls. A walk on the green grass has its own charm.

During walk one enjoys the beauties of nature and feels quite fresh and healthy. One can study birds and animals and learn from their habits. One can enjoy the beauties of flowers, plants and trees. Walking in the mountains is an eternal joy. When the sun rises on the snow-capped mountains, it is a rare phenomenon to observe and cherish.

A Morning Walk

Essay No. 01

A morning walk is the best exercise. It costs nothing but it is suitable for all. The atmosphere at that time is very cool and refreshing. Everything looks fresh and gay. A cool breeze blows and a walk at that time is really very enjoyable.

      I daily go out for a walk. I never miss it and do our without fail. I get up early in the morning. It put on my clothes and go our towards the canal which is at a distance of two kilometers from our house. Atmosphere is very calm and quiet. I pass through the fields. They look charming and fresh.

    Birds chirp and green crops wave in the cool and fresh air. The wells are working. The milk-vendors are seen bringing milk from the nearly villages. Vegetable sellers go to the market to sell their vegetables. Dew drops on the grass look like pearls.

      Soon I reach the canal. I take off my clothes and jump into the water. I enjoy a healthy bath. After that I put on my clothes and say my prayers. By this time, the sun rises and I make my way back to the city. On my way back, I come across many people going to the canal.

    A morning walk has many advantages. It keeps us refreshed all the day long. We get an early star in the day. It sharpens our appetite and this prolongs life. It is in fact a panacea for all ills.

Essay No. 2

Morning Walk

There is an old proverb that says ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man health, wealthy and wise. I am in the habit of getting up early in the morning and have formed the habit of taking long morning walks in the past two years. It is a light exercise and best for physical fitness. The morning air which is fresh and pure is beneficial for the lungs. The early rays of the rising sun are good for healthy skin. ‘ Health is Wealth’ and Doctors also recommend morning walk to their patients for gaining sound  health and freshness of energy.

At a distance of about one kilometer from my house there is a big park. Along with my neighborhood friend I cover the distance. We jog in winters and walk easily in summers. On the way we meet other people , whom we know by now heading towards the park. We exchange greetings and move on. It is very rare that we two friends miss our morning walk.

During winters mostly the people stay indoors but during summers young and old alike are seen enjoying the beautiful weather. The dew drops on the leaves, grasses and flower petals shine like little pearls. There is the refreshing cool breeze blowing the sweet smell of the flowering plants. The birds chirruping in groups are seen all around. It is almost the same scene daily and same people dew meet in the  park but the charm of early morning is everlasting.

We run on the circular path of the park. After two –complete rounds we let ourselves fall on the wet grass and roll happily on the softness below.

Few little children are seen playing with balls. Only the old and the aged are seen sitting in a group. They all know each other well. They prefer to sit quietly and discuss matters on politics, the changing times and their younger generations. Fat people walk briskly in a bid to reduce extra fats.

As we lay down to rest we watch the sun in the sky. The sight of the rising sun and the quick change of colour is captivating.

The morning walks keeps me fresh and energetic the whole day. A regular morning walk is necessary for maintaining a sound body and mind.

Essay No. 3

A Morning Walk

‘ God made the country and man made the town’

There are no two opinions about the fact that a morning walk is a boon for health. No diet or tonic is as effective as the morning walk. One has to pay nothing for it. It is the lightest exercise. It is useful to all person of all age groups. It refreshes exercise. It is useful to all persons of all age groups. It refreshes our mid. It keeps us fit.

I take walk every morning with my friend Raju. Raju is my class- mate and  next door neighbor. We walk along the road. This lonely road leads out of the town.

Yesterday  we started at 5 a.m. As we went out a cool morning breeze welcomed us. We passed though some fields of wheat. The spreading fields presented a beautiful scene. the chirping of the birds created a lively sensation in our hearts.

Some farmers were ploughing  their fields at a distance. We passed through a small village where we saw village young women going to draw water. They were we  singing sweet folk songs. We enjoyed these songs very much. We felt some thrill which words worth must have felt on hearing the song of the Solitary Reaper.

The golden ball of sun appeared in the East. The horizon was shining with a golden light. With folded  hands we stood for a few minutes to pay our respect to the Sun- God. Bright rays or light made th scenery more attractive and pleasing.

We walked and walked till we reached the stream. It flows near out town. We sat on its bank and took rest for some time. We saw a garden nearby. We walked into it.

There were grassy plots. We walked bare – footed on this grass. We enjoyed the fragrance of the beautiful flowers growing on a large number of plants.

As it was about seven in the morning, we walked back towards our homes. We had covered a  distance of four kilometers from our homes. Now we hastened back and reached home at 8 a.m.

When I returned home from my walk I found the nature changed. All the sights and sounds had a wonderful effects on my body and mind. My mind became fresh and active. The fatigue which was caused by learning my lessons seemed to be gone. I felt that I had energy enough to do my work with ease.

Doctors advise their patients to go for a walk. Old and weak persons can take a light exercise in the form of morning walk. It is always beneficial to  enjoy early morning walk. In the early hours the roads and the streets are deserted. There is no traffic and therefore there is no traffic and therefore there is no pollution. The breeze is fresh and cool. The parks and gardens are green and fresh with morning dew. Early morning walk prepares the body physically and mentally for daily work. Thus we start our daily routine work early and with pleasant mood. It is due to morning walk.   


Essay No. 04


A Morning Walk

A morning walk is one of the cheapest, easiest and best means of keeping good health. It is very rightly said:

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

I get up early in the morning and go out for a walk. The sun has still not risen when I go towards the fields.

There is a garden on the way. Mostly, the sun is rising at that time. I enjoy the loving beauty of the sun rise when everything seems to be bathed in golden light of the sun.

 As I enter the garden, I’m welcomed by a gush of cool, soothing breeze laden with sweet fragrance of flowers.

There is a rustling of leaves of trees overhead. Birds are chirping and singing sweet songs at that hour of the day.

 I have the sight of flowers of multifarious colours. A good number of butterflies of different colours and designs are often hovering round the flowers. Sometimes, I also see bees gathering honey from flowers as they move from one flower to the other.

I have a race in the circular graveled path in the garden. Then I take some exercise in a corner of the garden.

Thereafter, I move towards the fields. There I look at various kinds of crops and vegetable plants. I like the sight of shining dewdrops hanging on the blades of grass.

There is a canal at some distance from the garden. There I have a bath. As I prepare for returning home, the sun has attained some height in the sky. The milkmen can be seen carrying milk cans to villages and towns. The shepherds can be seen coming to the open grassy places to graze the cattle. I return home refreshed and happy.


Essay No. 05


A Morning Walk


A morning walk in the most exhilarating and rejuvenating experience any one can have. It is a complete exercise, together with the inhaling of a huge stock of clean oxygen from the morning unadulterated air. Together with this, during the morning walk, a person sees nature in its exquisite form without any pollution from man’s handiwork. Thus, a morning walk can be defined as one of the finest jobs done by man in his daily routines.

This is the walk we must all take when the previous night is about to give charge to the new day, and the sun has not yet taken charge of the day from the night. The aura is calm and quiet, freshness complete, and the air absolutely clean and fresh. The oxygen inhaled at this time serves as a reservoir the consumption by the body throughout the day A morning walk is considered as the best mode of exercise especially for those above the age of forty, and for those who have a sedentary job. This is because those with sedentary jobs get no exercise at all, and only this much is what they can vouch for. It is also the only time that they can get out of their daily schedules for a programme of exercises. Besides, a walk gives exercise to the whole body it invigorates the blood vessels, energises the entire system, thus making the body ready to face the daylong strife and turmoil. The atmosphere is as quiet as quiet can be, the air is as fresh as fresh can be and the individual is all set for the day. With this lovely combination of sorts, a morning walk can be safely recommended as, one of the best known exercises for most people. It clearly provides all the energy and freshness required as fuel for the day. Thus, I am personally of the view that all people irrespective of age must take this exercise as seriously and as meticulously as possible. It brings good health, a good waking mood and sets the ball rolling for the bouts of the day

During a morning walk the scene we normally come across is very interesting. People of all ages, all complexions, and all jobs are seen together at one single platform- the walking track. There are the young jogging their way the old walking, some slowly, others briskly, children running all over. Oh! the sight is a treat to the eyes. Moreover, the number of people out of their homes so early in the morning gives the satisfaction to onlookers where they realise that, it means people are really getting health conscious.

All people young and old, a request to you all – make morning walk a part of your daily schedule, and all else that is good and healthy will follow in its trail.

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