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I am holding the book, ³Not For Sale´, in my hands, anger boiling in my stomach as Iread about the realities of human trafficking. A prostitute dressed in a sack cloth and five inchheels on the side of the street in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco sells her body, and Iwish I could offer her a different life.A lady in a wheelchair struggles to push herself up a ramp, and people pass by, payingher no attention. I, myself, walk two steps by before interrupting my sentence mid-word andturning around, firmly grabbing the handles and pushing the lady into the soup kitchen she pointstowards. She cannot speak, and looks at me with glazed eyes, but I smile to her and wish her agood day before re-joining my group. I cannot explain my thoughts during that moment. I justknow I did what was right.Mountains stand high above my small, five foot frame, and I am filled with awesomewonder of God. I whisper a prayer, realizing how small I am in this big world filled with painand inequality.Yet amongst all of this inequality, I see hope. I see the smiles on the children¶s¶ faces,running back and forth on the playground, oblivious to suffering, and the ³God bless you´ andtoothless smile of the man on the side of the street, holding a clear plastic bag with a tooth brush,socks, and a Cliff bar. Despite my overwhelming anger at reading ³Not for Sale´ I also see thatgood is being done, and women and children are being saved from the sex trade. In all thesesituations, I see hope.My dream is to be a part of that hope. The world is obviously full with inequality, and Ifirmly believe that there are many opportunities to help bridge the gap between people that arenot being explored. No matter how idealistic or cliché it may sound, I want to be a part of this bigger picture of helping to make the world a better place.Being faced by wondering adults, however, is different then when I am dreaming of myfuture in the privacy of my mind. Here I do not need a short, concise answer that does not soundtoo cliché or idealistic.From my third story window, when you turn off the lights late at night, you can see thestars. Staring into the night sky, I have always felt the overwhelming desire to whisper my prayers and dreams. Raising my hands, palm upwards towards the sky, I talk with my best friend,Jesus. This is where I let all the pictures in my mind run wild, and I dream big, unabashed of how crazy I might sound.

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