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The assignment activity module allows students to receive assignment objectives, complete with when they can start and when it is due. Depending on the instructor's preference of collecting assignments, students can submit a single uploaded file, multiple uploaded files, via a text box within the assignment, or through another method outside of PolyLearn.

Assignment Types

Advanced uploading of files

The Advanced uploading of files assignment type allows for multiple files to be submitted at once.

Submitting an assignment

  1. Click on the Assignment name.
  2. Click on the Add submission button at the bottom.

    The instructor will most likely remind the class, but if not, remember to put your name in the file when saving (for example, "tmalone_assignment.doc").

    If there are many files, it may be suitable to create a folder with your name by clicking Create folderwhen uploading (make sure to OK this with the instructor).

    The load wheel may continue to spin and never load the file in Safari. If this occurs, you can either change the Choose license option from All rights reserved, or use Firefox to upload the files.

  3. Scroll to the File submissions box, click and drag the file(s) into the box.
  4. Click Save changes.
  5. Click on the Submit assignment button.
    if the instructor allows "drafts" you will need to submit the assignment for grading.
  6. When placing files into PolyLearn as a Discussion Forum attachment, Email attachment, Course link, Assignment attachment or as an attachment in the wiki, it is important to name the files properly before attaching them.




    dog ran.doc
    the dog ran over the road to a field.doc

Viewing/editing a submission

  1. Click on the Assignment name.
  2. Details of the submission are shown:
    • Date & time of the submission (top right corner).
    • Description and available from/due date of the assignment.
    • File(s) that were submitted.
    • Notes submitted with the files (if enabled).
  3. Note: Whether the assignment can be edited depends on if the instructor has allowed it. If editing is allowed, click the appropriate editing buttons that appear on the page.

    After you submit the assignment to be graded, your Submission status should look like this...

Online text

The Online text activity type does not require any outside files to be submitted, and instead only requires input into the text box.

  1. Click on the Assignment name.
  2. Click Add submission.
  3. Enter text to submit into the Submission text box. Click Save changes.
  4. Note: Images, video, and audio files can be embedded into the text box via the Insert/edit image and Moodle Media icons. Check with the instructor however before inserting these media files.
  5. If content needs to be added/omitted from the assignment, click Edit my submission.
    Note: The submission can be edited at any time before it is graded by the instructor.


Upload a single file

The Upload a single file activity type is the same as the Advanced uploading of files type, except only one file can be submitted for the assignment.

  1. Click on the Assignment name.
  2. Click on the Add submission button at the bottom.
  3. Scroll down to the File submissions box, click and drag the file into the box.

  4. Note: Be sure not to add a file larger than the specified maximum.

  5. Click Save changes.
  6. Click on the Submit assignment button.
    if the instructor allows "drafts" you will need to submit the assignment for grading.


Offline activity

The Offline activity assignment type is to simply let students know what assignment they have to complete and submit outside of the course website. Clicking on this kind of assignment only shows three things: the instructor's description of the assignment, the date it was assigned, and the due date.

Additional Options

Viewing a rubric

If the instructor is using a rubric for your assignment, the student can view it within the assignment. This will allow the student to view the criterion that they are being graded on before submitting their assignment. To do so, they must:

  1. Click the assignment.
  2. Click Submissions grading in the Navigation block.
  3. The Criteria listed in the far left column are the elements that the student is being graded on,

    while the remaining columns list the different point values available, and a description as to what earns those points.

    Once your instructor has graded your assignment, you will see the points provided.

Viewing Feedback Files

The instructor can provide feedback on your file and place it into the Assignment for you to view. There are two methods to view the feedback file.

  1. Click on the Assignment name.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom under Feedback to open the Feedback files DOC (or other file type).
  1. From the Gradebook, Click on the name of the Assignment.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom under Feedback to open the Feedback files DOC (or other file type).

Hi, Davin. I guess I'm a little confused as to why the three main controls you have mentioned for the assignment module (lock changes, prevent changes, and use cutoff date) are not satisfying your requirements.

As someone who has used the assignment module extensively for writing workshops where rough drafts can sometimes be VERY rough, I will say I absolutely needed the ability to allow my students to submit a new draft to me between the deadline and the cutoff date if they completely missed the mark on their original submission (and by "missed the mark," I don't mean they fell short of a good grade; they actually missed the point of the whole exercise the first time they tried it or some other similar misunderstanding occurred). It is part of the learning process for developing writing skills, so with that type of assignment, deadlines really are just metaphors.

You are right, though, at a certain point, they should not be able to change their work and should have to live with their submission as is for that particular learning experience. The cutoff date worked for me there.

Where I needed even more restrictions, I would also employ "restricted access" dates or other criteria so that they could not change work after whatever date I communicated as the absolute last day they could pull that assignment back into a portfolio somewhere (for me this was usually the end of the term). 

Perhaps restricted access would give you the additional "off" switch you are looking for on editing requirements if the other options are not working for you.

If you don't find this option available to you in assignment settings, you just need to turn it on at the site level in Site Administration>>Advanced Features. It is a small tick box for conditional access.

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