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Samuel de Champlain was born in Brouage, France around the year 1567. He became one of the most important explorers in North American and French history and mapped much of Canada and the northeastern United States.

Starting a Career in Exploration

In 1603, Champlain sailed to North America on Francois Grave Du Pont’s expedition. The pair and their crew sailed west through the Gulf of St. Lawrence and into the St. Lawrence and Saguenay Rivers. They also explored the misty Gaspe’ Peninsula of Quebec. After returning to France, Champlain decided to sail back to Quebec in the hopes of discovering the Northwest Passage, a mythical waterway that would serve as a shortcut from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Making History for France!

Champlain returned to Quebec in 1604 on Pierre de Mont’s expedition. For the next three years, Champlain explored much of the coast of Nova Scotia, the Bay of Fundy and the coasts of Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Champlain started his first colony in the New World on Port Royal, Nova Scotia in 1605. In 1608, Champlain started the first permanent French colony in the New World at Quebec (City) on the St. Lawrence River. The colony was started as a fur-trading center. Unfortunately for the French settlers, they were not used to the bitter Canadian winter. Of the 32 settlers in the colony, only nine survived the winter. More colonists would be sent from France to reinforce the colony.

Exploring the Great Lakes Region

In 1609, Champlain helped the Huron Indians fight the Iroquois, which ultimately led to much bitterness between the French and Iroquois. In 1615, Champlain explored much of upstate New York and parts of Ontario and eastern Michigan. Champlain spent the rest of his life managing the settlements at Quebec. He died in 1635, apparently of a stroke.



Samuel De Champlain



Samuel de Champlain
(1567 - 1635 )

Samuel de Champlain was born in the town of Bouage , France in the year of 1567. His father was a sea captain and as a boy he learned seamanship aswell as navigation. For a while he was in the army of King Henry IV then in 1599 he became the captain of a ship . For over two years he explored in the West Indies aswell as Mexico and visited all the major ports. When he later wrote about  his adventures on this trip he suggested the idea of making a canal across Central America to shorten the trip the Southern Pacific Ocean. Many years later other people had the same idea.
Samuel de Champlain made his first voyage to Canadian 1603 and explored the St. Lawrence River as far as where Montreal is located as of today. He was sent by a man named mar de Clermont who had been given
During his travels Samuel De Champlain made friends with the indians and when he returned to France he wrote a book    describing his experiences with the so called ? Savages.?
Aymar de Clermont died during this voyage so when Champlain made his second voyage to New France in 1604 he worked under the enfluence of Pierre du Guest, Sieur De monts to whom the rights to fur trade had been transferred. Champlain and Sieur de Monts explored the coast as far south as Cape Cod looking for a good place to build  a settlement and start mapping the area.
They later settled on an island near the mouth of St. Croix River and then later at what is now Annapolis, Nova Scotia.

Later In the year of 1608 Champlain founded a settlement at Quebec and spent most of his time with the Algonquin and Huron indians exploring the area.Also in the year of 1609 Champlain sighted the lake that bears his nam - Champlain - Lake. In The year of 1610 Samuel de Champlain Married Helene Boulle who was only the age of 12. She stayed in france for ten after the marriage before moving to Canada. In 1611 Champlain established a trading post at Mont Royal and later was appointed lieutenant-general and governor in New France.

In 1629 Quebec was captured by the English and then he was taken to England as a prisoner . When When Canada was Returned to France in 1633 Champlain returned to his original post and remained in Quebec until his death in the year of 1635 in December.

Did you know....

- Champlain made 12 Trips from France to North America between the years of 1603 to 1633.
- Samuel de Champlain died on Christmas day.
- As a boy Samuel de Champlain often sailed with wis father  aswell as his uncle.

- After becoming governor  of New France Samuel de Champlain spent the rest of his life promoting peace in Canada and with the indians.

- Champlain mapped mostly all of Atlantic Coast from the bay of Fundy all of the way to Cape Cod.


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