Why Do Students Procrastinate Essay

This paper will take a look into the non-technological reasons that college students often fall prey to and cause them to procrastinate. Procrastination is an activity that is most seen in the undergraduate level of college students. Some of the reasons that professionals have found to cause procrastination include lack of motivation, deficiencies in self-regulation, external locus of control, perfectionism, trait and state anxiety, fear of failure, low self-efficacy, and low self-confidence (Welmer, Maryellen, PhD. “Why Students Procrastinate and What You Can Do About It”). Since these reasons have been identified as the most common reasons for procrastination, psychological studies have been done in order to identify the extent that these reasons cover procrastination. Known in the psychological community as the “avoidant coping styles”, 374 undergraduate students explained that their tendency to neglect school work causes them anxiety that they refuse to deal with. (qtd. in Glenn). Therefore procrastination can be seem more as a coping mechanism for the students who lack ample adjustment abilities when it comes to their college classes. These avoidant lifestyles then translate into late term papers and other class requirements. Although not a trivial problem, it is not considered a very serious problem in most circles. But that is not to say that professors ignore these problems when it arises in their class. In reference to this problem, Dr. Joseph Ferrari, associate professor of psychology at De Paul University in Chicago and Dr. Timothy Pychyl, associate professor of psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, (Lenker, Caitlin & MacAndrew, Dan “The Procrastination Epidemic: An Investigative Report”) report that; “... Twenty percent of people identify themselves as chronic procrastinators.” These people view procrastination as the result of their exra curricular activities that, as mentioned earlier, distract them from completing their college duties. However, some of them also indicated that they tend to procrastinate simply because they wish to have more time to sleep (Lenker, Caitlin and MacAndrew, Dan “The Procrastination Epidemic: An Investigative Report”). Undergraduates come up with the most creative reasons for procrastinating their way through a semester of college. Whatever their reasons, the truth is that the most important reason they tend to procrastinate is sheer laziness. What these students do not realize is that the procrastination causes stress in their lives and causes a number of negative outcomes for them during their academic career (Todd, Daniel “Overcoming Procrastination”). We have all been through the college adjustment phase at least once in our lives. While some end up adjusting and getting on quite with their academic careers, the others who allow procrastination to take over their lives end up dropping out of college altogether. However, procrastination should not be associated merely with undergraduate slackers and underperformers. There are also some procrastinators who are excellent academic students. But they prefer to slack off and procrastinate because of the sense of accomplishment and the rush of having beaten a deadline when it comes to the submission of their class requirements (Lenker, Caitlin & MacAndrew, Dan “The Procrastination Epidemic: An Investigative Report”). Students such as Paul Rakszwaski say that the rush one gets from completing class requirements before a deadline cannot be beaten. He relates that (qtd. in Lenker & MacAndrew); Procrastinating is really great! I tend to work better when I have a very pressing deadline ...Show more

One of the biggest reasons why assignments get a bad mark or are incomplete is because of procrastination. Procrastination has a bad effect on work, and on you. When you procrastinate you don’t learn how to discipline yourself, the quality of work suffers, and you get stressed out.

The first reason why procrastination is bad is because the quality of work suffers. Sometimes an assignment needs to be proof read first. If you procrastinate you will be more inclined to skip this important step. Another big problem is that you run out of ideas. At one sitting ideas don’t come as freely as they do over several days. People who leave assignments to the last minute are more likely to resort to cheating. When an assignment is left to the last minute, you worry more and cheating and cutting curners happens a lot more. Procrastination also affects the quality of work because your assignments looks hurried and just thrown together.

Another danger that comes with procrastination is an increase in stress. When an assignment is left to the last minute, it lingers in the back of your mind the whole time. Once the day arrives that you must do it, any other plans must be put on hold. You end up being frustrated and upset with yourself, and the teacher. If several assignments are due at the same time the stress increases even more. Not only do you have to rush to get everything done, you have to worry about whether you’ll get it finished in time. Stress also increases when you procrastinate because you start to doubt yourself. When you make up your mind that you won’t leave the next assignment until the last minute, and you end up doing it, you get frustrated and upset with yourself.

The last and most important reason is because you learn poor work habits. As you further your education you will no longer be able to leave things to the last minute. As assignments get bigger they require more planning and thought; if you haven’t learned the skills to plan before, these assignments won’t get done properly. When you make excuses to put off assignments, you learn to make excuses for other things as well. You’ll start making excuses to cheat on your diet, or quit exercising. This is a bad pattern to get into, you start to realize that you won’t get it done early so why bother trying. Once you start to doubt yourself you self-confidence drops and all kinds of other problems start to happen.

When you procrastinate a lot of bad things can happen. You don’t learn to discipline yourself, your work suffers, and you get stressed out.

Prcrastination is dangerous, you fool yourself by thinking up reasons to wait one more week or one more day. The worst thing is, is that procrastination is so easy to stop. You just have to quit being lazy, make up your mind to get it done, and just do it!

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