Aqa Gcse Maths Non Calculator Topics For Essays

The One Hour Revision – Edexcel GCSE Higher Maths Non Calculator Questions post has proven to be popular, so I thought I’d add a similar post dealing with AQA GCSE Higher Maths Non Calculator Questions. This specifically looks at the new specimen papers published June 2015. 

As before you can download the paper here, work through each of the questions, and then compare your answers with the video solutions. Each video is around 20 – 30 minutes in length, so by stopping and starting, you should be able to achieve around an hour’s worth of focussed revision.

There might be small differences in calculation methods although your final answer should be the same. Remember that there are huge variations in the way students are taught and understand maths … although examiners are very skilled in ensuring that you gain credit for all your work. If you’re unsure about about how I’ve calculated, or something is a little confusing, please do add a comment below and I’ll be pleased to help.

If you require any further practice you can always search the site, or head straight towards GCSE practice questions. This post will give you a lot of graded topic based questions and should give you plenty of practice.

I’ll also be posting further Edexcel / AQA practice papers – including calculator questions – on the site.

One of the useful ways to keep in touch is to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and there’s quite a number of videos to help with revision. It can be a little daunting to be taking these exams but, with plenty of practice and regular revision, you can do it!

Here’s a link to the AQA GCSE paper: AQA GCSE Higher Maths Non Calculator Questions

Here’s the link to the worked answers: AQA GCSE Higher Maths Non Calculator ANSWERS

Here’s a link to the mark scheme: AQA GCSE Higher Maths Non Calculator MARK SCHEME

Here’s a list of the topics in each video below:

Questions 1 - 10- percentage increase
- indices
- cm conversions
- straight line graphs
- scatter graphs
- equation substitution
- multiplication of a fraction
- solving an inequality
- nth term of an arithmetic sequence
- cost and ratio
Questions 11 - 17- median value
- area using an unknown x
- cosine of an angle
- probability
- standard form
- alternate angles
- hours working
Questions 18 - 22- volume
- cos and tan
- probability tree
- circle proof
- volume of a cube
Questions 23 - 28- invariant points
- acceleration, velocity, time
- functions
- recurring decimals
- gradient of tangent of a circle

If you’d like to ask for any more detail, or you’re not sure about anything, please do ask a question in the comments section.

All best with your studies.

Watch on YouTube

One Hour Revision – AQA GCSE Higher Maths Non Calc Questions 1 – 10

One Hour Revision – AQA GCSE Higher Maths Non Calc Questions 11 – 17

One Hour Revision – AQA GCSE Higher Maths Non Calc Questions 18 – 22

One Hour Revision – AQA Higher Maths Non Calc Questions 23 – 28


Here’s a link through to 6 tips on how to answer maths word problems, and the ultimate maths survival guide.

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