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I made it myself. So,I'm very glad that you will read my essay as I will rarely write English essay afterward,especially narrative essay. Insyaallah,I will try to write as many as I could on English narrative essay if you think that this one will etch in your head after you read it. So,do leave positive comments down there. *Guna apa-apa bahasa pun boley.. :)


     "Tock! Tock! Tock!"

     I heard the sound continuously. It was a sign of satisfaction when I was able to create the sound by myself. It was from my new Louis Vuitton's leather shoes. Finally,I could wear it to my class. Furthermore,it was the first day I went teaching. I was very glad.

      I still remember the day clearly. My first ever class that I would teach for English subject is 4 Ruby. Somehow,the students were not as pleasant as I was. 

      "Maybe they don't know who am I. They are just 10 years old,Nadher," I murmured myself. But I insisted to introduce myself though. Suddenly,a boy from outside the class rushed with choking breath and his sweat flew smoothly on his forehead. His uniform was completely tousled ; torn sleeves,dirty pants and shoes. But he apologized to me. As I was his new teacher,I apologized him. The day ended as what I was expecting.

     However,my period of euphoria was only last for two weeks. I became very uncmfortable with this boy,who always came late to school,repeated the same thing he did for almost everyday. Actually,I wondered why but I just not dare to ask him because I don't want to interfere his personal affairs. But there was no excuse for him to finish homeworks that I had given to him.

     "My goodness gracious! You don't even touch my worksheets,boy! What have you done yesterday?! Do you want to challenge me? Do you want me to soak you into the pond outside there? Go and finish your work. NOW!" I tried to control my anger and I did it. I was not in my seethe with rage. It was just a little compared to what I had done to a few clique when I was in university. However,it was just only a memory that will always etched in my head. In reality,I actually faced a real big problem,with this boy,to teach him as he will need this language to overcome his career's constraints in future.

     One day,suddenly,Miss Leela approached me. She seemed like to nag me because I had been very strict and rigid to my students. However,my conscience went wrong.

     "Mister Nadher! The boy,the student of yours,who always came late to school,is very polite with teachers. Why don't you be nice to him? I feel sympathy with him,you know," she said. I was totally dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say and just replied her with one word, "OKAY!". I looked across at her with a wry smile.

     The next day was raining heavily like cats and dog. Thunderstorms were crossing each other with frightening sound. As usual,the boy came late,again. I canned him as soon as he arrived. Worst,I had to count how many times he didn't do my works and this time,it really emerged my temper. It was for 80 times he left it out without any traces of ink on it. I lose my temper. This time,I really did. He wrecked my nerves of anger as I wanted to left the black and blue bruises on his back. He stood still and it was the last straw. I slap his face and accused him as a wolf in sheep's clothing because he was not like other teachers expected to be. I verdicted to shoo him out of my class and let him stood still in rainy days. The boy however keep his mouth shut up. He never had an urge to attack me verbally.

     A few days later,I decided to go to his house to collect PIBG'S donation from his family. Before I was able to reach upon the door,suddenly a little boy rushed toward the door. I tiptoed behind the banana tress beside the house. On the spur of the moment,I watched a touching situation. The little boy who ran toward the door took off his uniform as quick as quicksilver . Another boy was wearing the uniform back eventhough it was very dirty to go for school in the evening session. A bolt from the blue,the boy who wearing the slack uniform was the boy who always came late to school,the boy that I hated so much! Tears suddenly burst from my eyes and I left the house guilty.

     Back to school,as he arrived,he gave me his palm to be canned. I lamented him by hugging him without compromise. I asked for his apology for all my actions toward him before. Abruptly,for the first time, I saw a smile spread across his face. Both of us officially learnt to give and take. He told me that his family was very poor. That's why he needed to get extra works to do to survive his family. His wages still can't occupy the family needs as his little brother also go to school. So,he premiered his little brother to wear new and clean school uniform before he did. At last,I adopted him and beared all his school expenses until he graduated from university.

     Today,I can prance for joy. I had raised a boy successfully without corroding his moral attitudes. As I sit in front of the crowd today,there is a man sitting against me as I give him one more precious advice.

     "Take care of my daughter real good as you treat you family and I before because I know you are the best one,Ibrahim. If you dare to win,you should also dare to lose and you proved it right," The man replied. "Okay,but isn't that is Dato' Lee Chong Wei's quote?" We laughed then and nodded before the marriage solemnisation of my daughter,Afifah and him.

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Most embarrassing moment my life essay

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