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“Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have,” claims a saying of Lloyd Alexander. Indeed, leafing through the pages of a poem, prose or passage, while being huddled in a cozy corner, forms one of the most cherished recreations of every avid book lover. And if that happens to be a favorite book, then the joy turns manifold.

I have always derived immense pleasure reading the animal fables of Panchatantra. These ancient Indian tales, composed by Pandit Vishnu Sharma, in the 3rd century BC, uphold the Hindu principle of wise living, majorly through the activity of animals. It is this ingenious narrative technique that makes these stories unique. Animals behave and talk as humans do and resolve their problems through reasonable means. For instance, the story, “The Monkey and The Crocodile”, revolving around the clever way by which a monkey outwits a crocodile, highlights the need to be alert mentally so as to prevent unpleasant events from occurring. It holds great significance in day to day life, since many times, we come across persons, who, wearing a mask of friendliness to hide their vindictive hearts, outsmarts us. The monkey befriends a crocodile but the latter, to keep his wife’s desperate desire of devouring its heart, manages to entwine him into a cunning plan, using which he resolves to kill him. The monkey, by using his wits, finally emerges safe. So too, we need to employ our common sense in dealing with complicated people. Then, there’s another story called “The Four Friends and The Hunter” that beautifully highlights the dictum that a friend in need is a friend indeed. The four characters, deer, crow, tortoise and mouse live together peacefully in a forest, but when a hunter traps the tortoise, all four graciously help each other so that the turtle may triumph over the difficult situation. It teaches the lesson that we must be loyal to our friends and accordingly, should never shirk from helping them out in their problematic situations.

With an abundance of new gadgets, kids nowadays do not invest much time in reading story books and consequently are deprived of a great boon. Besides being a tremendous source of delight, the simple tales of Panchatantra taught me some important values that are needed at every phase of life.  Thus it has remained my favorite book till date.


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The world is moving faster more than ever. Science and technology is progressively growing with discoveries people never thought of are possible five years ago. While they try to catch up on the world’s pace in development, they tend to forget the important things and lose focus of what matters most in life. People are becoming more materialistic, appreciating huge bank accounts rather than quality time with their loved ones. But humans weren’t considered to be the smartest form of organisms just to live in a stagnant pattern of working, paying the bills, and sleeping.

Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life helps people find the reason to live and gives answer to the question “Why on Earth am I here for?”

The popular book has sold over 32 million copies which makes it a blockbuster Christian book of all time. Publishers Weekly even declared it to be the “bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history.”

The Purpose Driven Life is a self-help book journal which takes its readers to a 40-day spiritual expedition and devotion of finding their relevance. The book is divided into sections, which the reader takes on once a day for 40 days. Each chapter has a different interesting topic to look forward to. The style Warren used in writing is very appealing because readers will hang on to it in a daily basis until they finish the last page.

It’s not only tango which is made perfect with a partner. This book could also be learned with someone close to heart – a spouse, a friend, or a churchmate. At the end of each section, there is a portion for reflection. Both readers can write their sentiments side by side on the space provided in the journal. Consequently, the tandem can talk and share their feelings to one another, and possibly impart their own insights in addition to Warren’s. This book makes the reader feel that he is not alone and there is always someone he can talk to – God and his loved ones. No wonder they keep a tight grip at the edge of the book cover.

The Purpose Driven Life has been helpful to people suffering from depression. Michael Phelps, the famous Olympic swimmer, disclosed that this book turned his life around and saved him from committing suicide. He realized his own identity beyond just being a swimmer. He found hope and overcame his personal problems by discovering God’s plan for his life. His story is just one of the many lives that were rescued and inspired by this book.

Warren used various verses on the Bible to back up his claims and advice. Through his book, people were brought to light. They learned the truth on why people were made by God. It fuels the soul by empowering self-importance.

The Purpose Driven Life answers more life questions than it originally intends to address. It’s educating, inspiring, and motivating. It is food for the mind, the heart, and the spirit. It’s a book you should always keep by your bedside.

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