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Write a 850- to 1,050-word reflection that details the changing landscape of the health care system. Include the following: 
• Explain shifts taking place currently in the health care system.
o For example, consider the shift from acute care to wellness and prevention and the shift in accountability.
• Describe current and potential challenges with the health care system.
• Identify health care cost for consumers.
o Consider how the costs for consumers have evolved.
o What are consumers' reactions?
• Explain how the health care system is handling challenges.
o Are they effective?
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.
Cite 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.
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THE NEW DIABETES PROGRAMMISSION AND GOALSThe mission of our new diabetes program is to prevent diabetes and its complications through professional training, health promotion, treatment and research, and patient education. The vision of our new diabetes program is to serve as a national resource in the teaching and treatment of diabetes mellitus, which in finding a cure for common forms of diabetes through basic and clinical research. Our program wishes to take on full responsibility for the particular needs of all diverse people that suffer from diabetes in our community. The goals of our new diabetes program are to provide new activities that will allow us to recognize and prevent the development of this harmful disease. THE FOUR TYPES OF COMMUNICATION1Advertsing 2Public Relatons3Sales Promotons4Online MediaThe successful marketing of our new diabetes program will be imperative to its success. Therefore, we will be using these four types of communication to get the word out. AUDIENCE AND MARKET1Children2Young Adul±s3Adul±s4Senior CitzensThe New Diabe±es Program1

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